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Price Guide

After I receive your call or online request, I will come out, assess the job, and give you a free price quote. I provide free - no obligation - price quotes (not estimates) - your price will never differ from my quoted price. Typically, if it is a small stump (or even a few small stumps) I can just give you a price over the phone and get the work scheduled as soon as possible.

For bigger jobs, there are a few factors to consider when pricing stump removal such as ease of machines access in getting to the stump, how close to the ground the stump is cut and how deep you need it ground below grade. This guide will give you an idea of what the pricing structure is, but always get your free price quote for the final amount.

Here are some basics to start with…

  • Standard grinding depth is 7-8" below grade (deeper upon request)
  • $95 minimum (can include multiple small stumps)
  • Pricing is based on diameter of stumps and how low to the ground they are cut
  • Multiple stump discount

Price quotes will give you a separate price for just the grinding of the stump and the cost to haul away the excess debris and completely clean up the work area(s). This will allow you to see your options and choose what's best for you.

Let's take the example of a stump in the front yard. Since all services are based on the size of the stump, you can measure the stump's diameter to get a good idea of what it will cost.

As pictured, you measure from the widest point where the stump comes out of the ground- not necessarily where the last cut was made. This stump measured 20" at the cut but you can see the root ball (where the hump in the grass is) made it measure out at 30" as marked with the red lines. This is the area that needs to be ground out.

Typically, the cost to grind 6-8” below ground is $5-$6 per inch depending on what kind of tree it was. If you would like the mulch hauled away prices start at 50% of the grinding cost.

Things that may increase the price are…

  • Moving rocks away from area
  • Needing to flush cut stump lower in order to grind
  • Grinding on a steep hill or areas hard to access
  • Additional surface roots

Call (720) 495-1481 today or fill out the online form to get your free - no obligation - price quote.